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Have you ever heard of IELTS? If yes, then today we will introduce you to a new format of IELTS, CD-IELTS. IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System and similarly CD-IELTS stands for Computer Delivered – International English Language Testing System.

Although both exams are the same, however, the medium of examination distribution is different, as IELTS is taken on a paper and the CD-IELTS is distributed through the computer. This is an alternative to paper based IELTS exams, which is administered by IDP.

The Qualities of CD-IELTS includes Fast results within 5-7days with more test dates.

Test Format

Just like paper-based IELTS, CD-IELTS is offered in two formats; Academic and general training. It includes four identical modules of reading, listening, writing and speaking. Three modules: listening, reading, writing are computer-based, while the Speaking module is face to face, in a quiet room, with a real human examiner.

All aspects of CD IELTS; Question types, materials, time, marking, etc. are all similar to paper-based testing. The writing and speaking modules here will be marked by IELTS testers to ensure the highest level accuracy.

Candidates will be provided rough paper with pencil to make notes. In CD-IELTS you can leave the question and later come back to them to complete or to cross-checking your answer.

CD-IELTS Coaching

Now the question arises, how to prepare for CD-IELTS? So here, we are pleased to announce that SK Infotech Study Centre is going to provide CD-IELTS coaching in its centers. This is good news for the students of Punjab and Haryana region, which are not comfortable with paper based IELTS. They can join the CD IELTS training at the nearby Institute of SK Infotech Study Centre, and can clear their IELTS exams through a computer-delivered way.